How To Update Via The Terminal

Patch, Patch, Patch! For Debian Based Distros

Software Update

The golden rule, patch all your systems. Maintain good operational health, and ensure your security. Which I agree! It is the simple things that count. And while not the all-in-one solution to proper security practices. Patching is a necessary evil, but also effective. So beyond that security have the cool things to look forward to like updates, new features, or corrective items to somethings that may not have worked properly.

So I was inspired to toss out this really simple document. Why? Because I keep getting asked by the Windows Admins, who are playing around with Ubuntu in their low cost VPS. How do I patch without a gui? So without dragging this on longer than necessary. I bring you the magic three lines.

Follow the steps below and rock on.....

First: we want to make sure all our repositories are up to date and fetch those updates, so run the following:

sudo apt-get update # Fetches the list of available updates

Second: We'll start with upgrading the current packages on the system:

sudo apt-get upgrade # Strictly upgrades the current packages

Third: We'll go out and install any distro updates also known affectionately as...β€œThe New Shit!”:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # Installs updates (new ones)

Now as you go through this process you may be asked to invoke commands such as

apt-get autoremove & apt-get autoclean

Exercise caution and in my next post you'll understand why. As people make mistakes and sometimes autoremove is not coded properly. Yes it contains a bug. For example after running autoclean on Xubuntu, you will soon realize you can no longer boot your system! If...your primary drive is full disk encrypted. Now that is FUN! I have a post following this one on how to get out of that jam. But regardless, dependencies were missed and items removed that shouldn't have been. So before running any automated task, read through the output and make sure you understand what it is going to do. If you don't you can always wing it, or like me I'll do it anyway to see how bad it's gonna get.

But be prepared to have fun when things break!.... Because tossing the laptop across the room will only get you a broken os and now a broken laptop!

So with that reboot and enjoy! If you have questions SearX them. :–) Or you can reach me on πŸ€“

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β€” G. Love