Organized Chaos Rebooted!

Organized Chaos!

Together we can form a network that is truly independent, focused on benefiting the community and the creative ideas of the people, rather than greed and the exploitation of goodwill and continued theft of intellectual property.

I originally created Organized Chaos Rebooted out of personal want. I needed a place to store all my notes, while having something I could use to communicate with friends, and share within the community. Most of the available documents were solutions to problems either missing the key elements that were important to the overall success of the task, or were solutions spread among many documents, involving many hours of research, trial and error. Our knowledge should be shared! The tools we use should be open, decentralized, federated, and maintain the concepts of freedom of choice and privacy. Anything you see here can and should be shared.

G. Love #Foss #Infosec #Privacy #Linux #Windows

— G. Love