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Zero Hard Drive

What does writing zero to hard drive do?

Writing zeros to a hard drive is one method to sanitize a drive and ensure data is not recoverable. If you are selling a PC or hard drive, or even if you buy one form ebay to save a few bucks. This is a task you want to do first before you do anything. This method is also known as the Single Overwrite method, and called zero fill erase or zero-fill.


Post Installation Task For Boot and other items!

MSI Dragon Logo

The MSI GV62 -8RD Laptop is a great value for dollar Vs. capabilities. Best of all it runs our favorite OS without a hitch. OK there is a little tweaking, and a compromise to take place. But once you get past both, you have a system that is a scorcher!


How to install using snap!

LXD Logo

Most installations will be making the assumption that LXD is being installed on an Ubuntu host with LXD installed from packages or from source. I enjoy the art of distro hopping. But when it comes to my service hosting I prefer to run on either Debian or Ubuntu LTS version of Linux. They are stable and pretty much are reliable.


Installing Hubzilla on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Hubzilla Logo

Hubzilla is an open-source platform to create interconnected websites that feature a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using webserver technology. Hubzilla servers communicate with one another in order to propagate the information across the network; due this this we have a decentralized network. As there is no single or central hub.


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